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Retail Reboot: Brauz

Many retailers are cautious about adopting a new tech solution. Enter: Retail Reboot! Our first tech provider is Brauz. They offer seamless omnichannel retail experiences to help in-store retail grow and prosper.

What’s The Effect Of Emoticons On Sales?

Studies show that emoticons can help us gain more social media momentum, trust from our customers, and more credibility as experts. We’ve collated the research and here are the hard facts!  Why do they

Study of 3000 Consumers and How To Evolve Your Sales Funnel

Have you ever really stopped to think about how online has changed the path to purchase and how it effects your strategy? The rules and new. More complex and it actually doesn’t really look

Where is the real end of the sales funnel?

Do you think the sales funnel really end at the sale? I was having a discussion with a sales manager for a major real estate chain over the weekend and they posted the debate

80 Ways To Boost Sales – Publicity (Part 3)

Cutting through the noise of marketing and making your message stand out can sometimes feel like a challenge. Especially when you’re trying to reach new markets. Trust me when I say you’ve never exhausted all

Top 5 Trends to Increase Lead Generation in 2015

Happy New Year! Did you spend your time effectively over the Christmas break? Did you come up with effective new ways to generate leads into your business for 2015? For our first blog of

80 Ways To Boost Sales – Direct Marketing (Part 2)

Are you running out of ideas on how you can get more exposure to your business? Are your marketing strategies limited to  maybe Facebook content/ads plus local paper press releases? If so, you’re in

80 Ways To Boost Your Sales – Promotion Ideas (Part 1)

Let’s start! Promotion Ideas Host a contest. When you want to promote a product or your business in general, one of the quickest ways to gain an audience is through a contest. For your

Top 13 Sales Metrics Every Business Needs to Know

“How can I increase my sales revenue?” is the number one question asked by small business owners. The answer lies in sales metrics – but unfortunately, many small business owners are unable to come