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Introduction to CRO: The Only Testing Process You Need To Know

    Fun fact: You could spend a lifetime running a CRO program before even touching your website. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the act of measuring a person’s journey through a system and

Why Marketing Analytics Matter Now More Than Ever

In 2020 marketers are expected to spend over 11% of their total budget on analytics. Here are 3 High-Impact Uses for Marketing Analytics !

General Data Protection Regulation: What Australian Retailers Need to Know

Have you heard of the GDPR? You haven’t?! *GASP* Just kidding! You’re a busy person so it’s ok if missed it amongst all the Donald Trump news and memes on your social feed. At

Porn or Data Privacy? You Choose!

It’s no secret that Big Data = Big Money and as the data mining trend continues to prove its value, businesses are using more lucrative methods of collection than ever before. By 2025 (less

20 Reasons Google Analytics Custom Variables are Retails Best Friend

I’m glad I was finally able to discuss about the most requested topic for Milk Blog: Google Analytics and the impact it can bring to business owners who have a website. I mentioned how

Beginner’s Guide to UTM Tracking

How do I track exact links from email campaigns, blogs, social, ad’s, website etc? This is a common pain point of marketers and business owners. Have no fear, we’re here to help… Because we rely

Google Analytics: A Beginners Setup Guide & Why It’s An Untouched Goldmine For Your Business

Do you want to know the most comprehensive statistics regarding your website visitors including how they convert, where they lose interest and most of all your profitable channels? Do you want to track the traction you

The Dark Side Of Big Data

The Internet has been liberating for mankind. We connect with our loved ones across the globe in a flash. We can shop from the comfort of our couch in the middle of the night,

How to convert your personal Pinterest profile to a business account to access analytics

Are you using Pinterest to promote your business but your Pinterest Profile is Personal? Pinterest is one of the major social networks today that helps drives traffic to websites. With more than 70 million