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Thinking Like A Millennial

We Millennials aren’t the lazy, narcissistic or the entitled fools the world seems to think we are. We are active and progressive thinkers, looking to make a real difference in the world. In 2017

The Affects of Storytelling on Millennials

Millennials won’t be swayed by traditional advertising methods. It’s been said Millennials aren’t loyalist, but if there is anything we’ve learnt about the $1 Billion Dollar Shaver Club acquisition this month we know a

Why Is Storytelling Important In Marketing? The Emotion Economy

I’ll bet the best lessons you’ve learnt in life have probably come from a great story? This ancient art dating all the way back to the caveman era has been impacting and influencing human

How TripAdvisor Gets Travellers Talking – The Power of Word of Mouth

It’s no secret that we are more likely to buy something if we’ve been influenced by friends or family. In fact, Neilsen reported 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product

Infographic: The New Consumer Multi-Screen World

We’re long past the days of going to a shopping centre to buy new clothes… Or anything for that matter. It’s no surprise that on the agenda of most CEO’s and marketers is to

Top Reputation Management Stats And Tips For Retailers

Have you ever ‘Googled’ your business? Has customer said something about you, you didn’t even know about?  Good or Bad? What would you do if someone did say something negative about you? Do you have

4 Useful Tips to Create an Ideal Customer Profile

Who is your ideal customer? Hint… the answer isn’t everyone… this seems obvious when looking at it like that. However it seems knowing why you need and ideal customer type or types isn’t so

What The Color Of Your Logo Is Telling The Market?

Deciding how your official logo would look like requires much time and study. Your logo is the reflection of your brand. It is what people sees and remembers. I’m not trying to make it

Finding Your Brand Personality

For over 40 years, Marketers have been using sophisticated techniques to segment their customers into smart demographic & psychographic sets. This is so they could establish the best way to to attract their ideal