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[PART 1] 3 Key Pillars for a Buzzing Voice of Customer (VoC) Program

A VoC program is what separates a company operating BAU and a progressing one. So here are 3 fail-proof tips to help you execute a successful Program.

Have You Tried These 6 Genuinely Genius Customer Retention Strategies?

This blog will give you 6 genuinely genius retention strategies to skyrocket customer loyalty and keep those sales rolling in!

Retail Reboot: Omneo

Are you a retailer cautious about a new tech investment? Enter: Retail Reboot! We chatted to Omneo, who provide a full customer experience toolkit for brands to deliver exceptional multichannel customer experiences.

Retail Reboot: Brauz

Many retailers are cautious about adopting a new tech solution. Enter: Retail Reboot! Our first tech provider is Brauz. They offer seamless omnichannel retail experiences to help in-store retail grow and prosper.

How to Respond to Positive and Negative Reviews

Responding to customer reviews is a critical piece in your marketing and CX strategy. Here's how to respond to the good, bad, and ugly!

Adobe Customer Experience Symposium | Key Takeaways

It is the fundamental truth is the people buy experience, not products so it's important to create a common language internally about customer experience.

3 Crucial Customer Loyalty Metrics

We all love a good acronym in the business world, actually scrap that….we love a good acronym in the world… OMG, lol, NQR, brb… and well, the CX world is no different. When kicking

4 Key Focus Areas for Mastering CX in 2021

If you are embarking on a CX program, regardless of what industry, here are the key points you need to consider, strategise and get the ball rolling on ASAP.

Marketing to a Millennial Mindset

There has been a lot of talk about us amongst the people suggesting Millennials are ungrateful. Others say they are lazy, easily distracted. I’ve even heard selfish and entitled thrown amongst descriptions of my