5 Ways To Make Your Emails More Accessible

It's embarrassing to admit, but nowadays the internet is what keeps the world spinning. We spend hours creating these emails. Checking every tiny detail, optimising send times, testing subject lines, aligning every element. But

A/B testing is wasting your time, your resources and your money

Just like you, I hear the words “A/B Test” and it gets my blood pumping.  Thinking about a well formed hypothesis, ensuring our KPIs are measured and observable, then conducting tests to try and

Introduction to CRO: The Only Testing Process You Need To Know

    Fun fact: You could spend a lifetime running a CRO program before even touching your website. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the act of measuring a person’s journey through a system and

Why Strategic Creativity is Your Team’s Secret Weapon

In 2020, LinkedIn named creativity as the single most sought-after skill for employers. Read this blog to learn how you can foster a culture of strategic creativity and collaboration in your team and organisation.

4 Simple Steps to Introduce Effective Flexible Working

Unless you’ve been living under a rock it’s likely you’ve heard the term flexible working. Hell, here’s betting you’ve even experienced it. However, similarly to NFTs, when it comes to flexible working, nobody can

What 21 Days of Focus Can Do for Small Business Growth

You won't go from zero to hero overnight, but with a heightened focus on these 3 key areas, there is a whole lot you can achieve in as little as 21 days!

The Future of Loyalty Rewards – 5 Currencies Beyond Points

This blog will provide a deeper understanding of each of 5 the currencies and provide real-world examples of how they can be implemented.

How Shipping and Fulfilment Can Win You Gold this Peak Season

This guest post was written by Abi Bennett, COO, at Starshipit, an integrated shipping and fulfilment app for growing eCommerce businesses.

Kanban – The Ultimate System for Insane Team Productivity

Kanban is your team's to-do list on steroids. This read will teach you what you will need, why you should use it, how to get started and some tips and tricks of the trade.